The Voxxi Mission

We exist to empower community builders, creators, agencies, solopreneurs, and businesses who are focused on genuine relationship building to grow their online business with the help of our software.

The world of work is shifting

The Vision

We believe that opportunity to get ahead should be free, software should be affordable, and easily accessible.

When you combine them both, it creates a wealth of opportunities for everyone.

To truly make an impact, the team behind Voxxi has assembled together what we call an Opportunity-First approach to online businesses to help them with affordable software solutions, which earlier have been very expensive.

The Voxxi Mission Vision for the next decade is divided into six parts:

Helping 1M Small business

Our Opportunity-First approach is that we want to help over 1M small businesses by the end of 2032 by empowering them with opportunity and knowledge, ensuring they can afford to grow with the help of affordable software solutions.

Helping 1M Small businesses save money

With our core mission of making software affordable, we want to help 1M businesses to save money by making the essential software affordable.

Reach $100m in Annual Revenue

We believe valuations are stupid. We want to reach over $100mm in annual revenue by the end of 2032.

While it’s a dream for most ordinary companies.

We don’t fall in the ordinary category, we are not just dreamers but doers.

Helping 1M Small Businesses Improve Customer & Team Communication

With our core mission of making software affordable, we want to help 1MM businesses to save money by making the essential software affordable.

100% Remote with less than 10 team members

We believe small companies lead to higher output and better management, which results in the best possible results from each individual. We believe if we focus on quality and not quantity, we can build the best remote team in the world

(Which we already have)

100% Independence

We are a strong believer that our customers are our biggest investors, and we want to serve them till the last day of our existence.

We know it will take us longer to reach our goals but we don’t care. We are here to serve our customers and help them grow because their growth is our growth.

The Voxxi Mission Value

Opportunity-First Approach

We believe opportunities and education should be accessible to everyone. We will share and teach everything we can about how to make your online businesses can grow.

Improve 1% Everyday

We believe no one is perfect, and no one will ever be perfect.

We all commit mistakes in our lives, and those mistakes are what help us grow.

We strongly believe in improving by 1% every day.

Create Something New Every Day

We are innovators, and our happiest moments are when we create something new every day.

We work very hard behind the scenes to create something every day with the help of our fantastic development team and innovation team.

Automation with a human touch

We strongly believe automation is here to stay forever.

However, we also believe that automation shouldn’t take away the human touch, which is vital to establish a relationship.

Hence, we always try and do our best to put a smile on our customer’s faces every day.

Existing Customers matter to us more

Where we have reached today is because of our existing customers who have supported us and showed us all their unconditional love every single day.

If we don’t serve our existing customers well, we don’t deserve any new customers.

Quality over Quantity

We never work or hire someone in our team to fill a position.

If they are a part of Voxxi, they have gone through a competitive recruitment process, and only the finest person makes it to our team because we believe that the person needs to share the same passion, vision, and mission as the rest of the entire team.

Once the person makes it in, they are a part of our family and we do everything possible to invest on that individual because their success is our entire team’s success.

As a customer, when you are working with Team Voxxi, you are working with the highest quality people.

Spread Positivity and Focus on Growth

The Voxxi Mission believes in spreading positivity and focus only on growth. Anything else is not within our focus, and we do not spend our energy on anything detracts from these goals.

Everything above describes us as who we are as a company and the people behind this company.

The reason why we put so much effort into making a change in people’s lives is that we care.

Not for the sake of showing it, but we genuinely care to make a difference in your life & business.

We do have competitors in the market, but our unfair advantage is that we care, and we will go beyond to put a smile on your face and help you grow your business with no expectation.

If you have taken the time to read this page, then congrats, you are a Voxxi fan

FYI – If you are ever stuck with your online business, then send us an email at [email protected]. (You don’t need to be a customer, contact us, and we will do everything possible to do whatever we can to help you grow with our suggestions).

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