About us

Our goal is to empower community builders, creators and businesses who are focused on genuine relationship building.

Why we built Voxxi

We were using  conversations scattered across multiple tools, it was almost impossible to track were we stood in relation to the subject at hand without spending time sorting through the endless conversations tangled together and across several tools, many of which had nothing to do with what we where looking for.

We craved in-context conversations to simplify the process.

Added to that we had to change our processes to suit the software we were using.

So we started out building a tool that we could tailor to our different needs and create applications that we could easily build and change, sort of like a simple productivity tool.

We realised that businesses of all types needed to support their own customer bases, that communities builders and creatives needed a platform to allow them to focus on what they do best and not worry about the tech and most of all it had to be simple.

Now anyone that wants to build a tailored community and run custom business applications in the one location can economically do so.

We still have a long way to go and are continually working to improve the existing processes and provide additional ones.



Helping our community

  • Create groups
  • Monitorise your passion
  • Built custom solutions
  • Change anything, anytime
  • Build relationships
Frank Warwick
Founder - CEO
Creagh Moore

Accept payments - Monetize your community

Your business model needs flexibility.

Unlock access to different parts of your community based on the type of community that you run. Great for memberships, coaching, courses, or more.

Offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and weekly subscriptions.

Charge a one-time fee.

Start accepting payments in minutes.

Offer special promotions to introduce your audience to different courses or events

No Code

Custom Solutions

Build almost any application

Flexible Processes

We all work in different ways so should our software.

Voxxi lets you tailor any application to meet your needs and then change it and change it, again and again

remote ready

Connect to Your Favorite Tools

Google Drive
Google calendar
MS Office 365

Network Seamlessly

With work applications integrated with a social business community platform, it’s easy to connect and follow up without loosing track of the ongoing things that matter.
Voxxi community social business