About Voxxi

The inspiration for Voxxi was simple.

Build a tool that would resolve our issues .

Our team comes from different business backgrounds and we have all worked for, and in, multiple types of business, all with different needs.

What we all wanted was a single software solution that provided a structure to suit most, if not all of our needs from which multiple projects could be run and businesses could communicate easily with each other.

In our work practices, we knew that we wasted a lot of time going from one software platform to another, copying and relaying information between different internal departments as well as communicating with our clients and stakeholders.

It became clear that this same issue extended to other teams like HR, sales, management, inventory, delivery and more.

Our solution was to create a platform that provided the ability to build almost any type of software application and to be able to have an overview of the whole business.

We wanted Sales, Project Management, Human Resources, Warehouse and Inventory Applications and anything that you cant think of to be connected for ease of use and not be silos.

So, Voxxi was born. 

The first version worked fine but it was not the tool we envisioned. We learnt a lot about what we didn’t want and with the vision of what we did want, we moved ahead and built version 2.

Version 2 was a big improvement in every way, touching on the areas we believed where important as a base and again we felt it was not ticking all the boxes that we wanted to achieve so it was back to the drawing board.

With Version 3 we believe we got it right. The base for our future development. 

We finally created the tool to meets our needs, something that works as simply as we wanted it to and requires no technical knowledge to use. 

We are using it in our daily live and we hope that it helps others as much as it is helping us.

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