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FREE MEMBERSHIP allows you to launch and grow Your Community

PAID MEMBERSHIP allows you to monetize your groups and more, from Day 1

Follow your passion
Monetize your groups

Build Communities

Engage and grow your community by effectively Integrating it with your services, products or website

Monetize your communities

Ideal for subscription, gated exclusive content, premium masterminds, paid newsletters, and more.

Create forms

Build webforms for access to a community, feedback, applications and more


Build almost anything from, a CRM, connect to Project Management, HR, Inventory, Marketing via relationships based on user access on one platform at one cost

Granular Access

Control access levels across Groups, Applications and Records

Pre-Built Templates

Pre built templates easily added to existing or new groups, change them to suit you needs

Web & Mobile

Fully responsive website that works on any device

Fully Upgradable

Upgrade with the click of a button for more features and unlimited members

Voxxi Upgrade

Monetize your community

Mirror the quality of your business
Voxxi helps you fine tune

Follow your passion
Monetize your groups

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Accelerate Production and Increase Revenue

Connect your business together

Build communities


Communication and Feedback

Get an all round view of your customers

Streamline the sales process to Improve your sales effectiveness

A complete solution to reduce IT complexity & costs

Create Custom Solutions

Spreadsheets, Kanban Cards, Calendar ect. can be presented or viewed in personalised ways.

Custom Solution Templates

Pre designed templates to quickly add to your account

Customise your view

Everyone can view the same thing the way they like too

Connect to Your Favorite Tools

Google Drive
Google calendar
MS Office 365

Voxxi Security Practices


Extendable & Friendly

Voxxi is just so easy to use. Pick from ready-made no code templates to get your team onboard quickly or create custom solutions to suit your needs and easily alter them as needed. 

Marketing Networking

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