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Voxxi - customizable community and business platform

Create Groups

Create and support communities for your products or interests.

Add Applications and user level access to any Group

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No code apps

Applications in Groups

With the familiarity of a spreadsheet and easy of Kanban cards, Voxxi gives you control over the fields in all your Applications in any Group


Network Seamlessly

With work applications integrated with a social business community platform, it’s easy to connect and follow up without loosing track of the ongoing things that matter.
Voxxi community social business

Connect to Your Favorite Tools

Google Drive
Google calendar
MS Office 365
Getting started with Voxxi

Getting started with Voxxi

This article contains everything you need to know about getting started with Voxxi, so let’s start the process by walking through the process to create an account with Voxxi.

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Voxxi Security Practices


Flexible Processes

We all work in different ways so should our software.

Voxxi lets you tailor any application to meet your needs and then change it and change it, again and again

remote ready

Accelerate Production and Increase Revenue

Connect your business together

Nurture relationships


Communication and Feedback

Close deals faster with an all round view of your customers

Streamline the sales process to Improve your sales effectiveness

A complete solution to reduce IT complexity & costs

Everything you need in one place


Extendable & Friendly No Code

Voxxi is just so easy to use. Pick from ready-made no code templates to get your team onboard quickly, customize the Apps to your needs or just build your own. The No Code App builder puts everyone in the drivers seat.

Marketing Networking

Case Studies

PO Cunningham Case Study

PO Cunningham Case Study

P&O Cunningham is an Australian-owned civil construction company that delivers on high quality residential subdivision infrastructure for the past 30 years.

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ROC Civil Case Study

ROC Civil Case Study

For Civil Construction firm ROC Civil staff time inputs compliance and promptly sending progressive invoices is critical to monitoring business performance and managing cashflow.

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