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Desktop, Tablet or Phone


Open your Chrome browser on any device or OS.

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right of the address bar, click Install .
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the PWA.


Open Vivaldi browser on any device or OS.

  1. In a tab, open
  2. While the site is open in the active tab, right-click on the tab on the Tab Bar.
  3. Select Install Hive from the context menu.
  4. Click Install in the small pop up asking you to confirm your action.


Open Safari browser on any Apple product.

  1. Visit
  1. Click “File > Share”.
  2. Select “Add to Dock”

More than 1,000 creators and businesses across the world trust Voxxi

All Types of Voxxi Communities

Just Like Yours

Customer Communities


Cultivating a vibrant community holds significant potential for any brand. Embed your community directly within your product or website.

Membership Communities


Craft a membership experience that is unique. Subscriptions, restricted access to exclusive content, premium mastermind groups, paid newsletters, and more.

Coaching Communities


Offer group coaching sessions, valuable resources, real-time chat support, and a platform where your clients can engage with you on your preferred terms.

Brands & Startups

Brands & Startups

Establishing a dedicated community represents a formidable asset for any brand. Seamlessly incorporate your community directly into your website.

Course Communities

Course Communities

Build your course, grow your business, and engage your members

Clubs & Organisations

Clubs & Organisations

Bring people together to organise, share ideas, run events, and collaborate.

Manage and scale your community

With Voxxi, you’re equipped with the fundamental elements to swiftly manifest your community experience vision, all without the accompanying challenges and delays.

Your vision for your community is paramount.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Build your community the way you want with the support applications you need.

Add your logo, your background color & your domain, its just so easy to make it yours

Set up groups and make your first posts in minutes.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Grow Your Income

Build an audience with free groups and offer paid group options.

Charge one-time payments for community access or for specific content, like courses or groups.

Create a subscription-style membership, charge what you want and keep 100% of your income. 

your brand perception

Invite People To Engage

Place a link in an email, create a form for your website or invite people directly to the group.

It’s so easy, choose from

  • Personal invitations
  • Sending invitation links
  • Create a form
Your brand

Create & Edit Your Business Applications in Voxxi Community

With Voxxi Community, you can manage all your business productivity requirements and needs in the one place, create relationships between them with user access levels.

Manage your Voxxi community and your business in the one location.


Flexible Processes

We all work in different ways so should our software.

Voxxi lets you tailor any application to meet your needs and then change it as your needs change.

Flexible Processes