ROC Civil Case Study

For Civil Construction firm ROC Civil staff time inputs compliance and promptly sending progressive invoices is critical to monitoring business performance and managing cashflow.
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Voxxi civil engineering front loader

ROC Civil specialises in the Civil Construction components of infrastructure and land development projects, including residential, industrial and commercial sub divisions, located in New South Wales, Australia and has 20 + staff

ROC Civil works with developers on large and small projects, including master-planned residential communities.  As such, it is considered important to carefully monitor the quality, time spent and costs on each project and progressively claim fee payments along the way. Additionally, every part of the process must be documented for compliance with local and state laws including photo’s, forms and full documentation of all underground and above ground infrastructure and construction.

ROC Civil initially engaged Voxxi’s founder Frank Warwick in his capacity as a digital workflow and cloud integration consultant prior to the launch of Voxxi. It was this type of consulting work that led to Frank to create Voxxi as a business management tool.


By linking all the areas of the business together we increased efficiency so

“We had an internal objective to modernise our accounting systems; we previously completed all our invoicing in Excel and our timesheets weren’t integrated with projects, so we needed a much better way to combine these elements as the business expanded and became more sophisticated,” ROC Civil Director Rowan Wilson explained.

After looking at a range of systems, ROC Civil decided to implement Voxxi across their operations and project managed their first job on the platform in mid-2020.


With that focus, the platform needed a range of customisations to suit ROCs needs. Rowan Wilson believes this ability to customise all aspects of the platform are what makes Voxxi’s software so unique. “Our business is fairly unique so we were never going to get something off the shelf that worked, we needed a framework that could be flexible and configured to our needs and the Voxxi team have delivered precisely that,” he said.


Voxxi handles everything from quotes, materials lists, job diaries, quality documents and timesheets to inventory. We can also communicate with our suppliers, contractors and clients. 

Voxxi gave us everything we needed to run our construction firm from a single point.

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