PO Cunningham Case Study

P&O Cunningham is an Australian-owned civil construction company that delivers on high quality residential subdivision infrastructure for the past 30 years.
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Managing a high volume of project-specific quality documentation from contractors and suppliers, paperwork was everywhere throughout the office and job sites. 

This created opportunities for documents to get lost, duplicate invoices to be paid twice, and required double handling of information.

Oliver Cunningham, Director of PO Cunningham Constructions, said, “When paper documents would get lost in the pile, our clients would ring us to chase the information. Often, we’d have a big pile of accumulated paperwork to sort out at the end of each month.”

There was no easy way to track quality records and the amount of manual work required was significant. 

This was exacerbated by the fact that some suppliers would both email the documents and send it in the mail. This wasted valuable time and there was always the risk that documents would not be accurately included in project reporting and invoicing.

I have worked with a project management system before and I knew we required something similar that could work with our business. 

As the business was growing and taking on more projects, it became more important to take control over the document management process. 

It was essential to eliminate the paper chase to free up everyone, especially project managers, to focus on value adding activities rather than on tracking down paperwork.ve

The Voxxi solution has removed a lot of complexities from the project management process, which means we’re no longer doing as much paperwork, printing, and filing.” — Oliver
Cunningham — Director


Oliver Cunningham said, “Voxxi had exactly what P&O Cunningham needed, and nothing was a challenge for the team. P&O Cunningham had a few processes that were slightly unusual and the Voxxi team come up with a solution that worked for us.”

For example, Voxxi needed to create a solution that could handle simple projects as well as for more complex projects with many layers. It was important for P&O Cunningham to have individual workflows that suited a variety of situations.

Oliver Cunningham said, “The most impressive thing was that Voxxi never said no. The team thought about how they could develop workflows that matched our requirements and built it for us quickly.”

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Following a smooth implementation process with extensive collaboration, the Voxxi solution began attracting positive reactions from team members immediately. Oliver Cunningham said,

The business can now take advantage of having up-to-date information at their fingertips, which has resulted in improved relationships with clients and suppliers.

Oliver Cunningham said, “It’s easy for the business to answer queries from clients and suppliers now because we can see at a glance where each project is in the process.

Oliver Cunningham said, “The solution is very intuitive and easy to use. We’ve seen a significant drop in supplier and client queries since implementing it because the information is so easy to see.

The team likes using the Voxxi solution, particularly the search functionality and comprehensive visibility into data. “For example, we can now see how much work we’re doing with each client and what we have estimated for each task and each project across the business. We can use that data to be more competitive.

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  • Improved project and document management by digitising and automating processes
  • Reduced potential for errors, late payments, and double handling of information
  • Improved supplier relationships and productivity through more efficient project management


With a proven track record, Voxxi is one of Australia’s most innovative project management and workflow solutions companies. Our strengths lie in understanding the immediate and long-term goals for improving processes and reducing paperwork, data entry and duplication, effectively streamlining and optimising workflow.

We deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions that alleviate your administrative burden and provide real value to your business. Voxxi’s flexible and intuitive suite of no-code products are uniquely tailored to suit your business needs.

Our solutions include workflow, content management, regulatory compliance, and quality management to name a few.

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