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Getting started with Voxxi

This article contains everything you need to know about getting started with Voxxi, so let's start the process by walking through the process to create an account with Voxxi.
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NOTE: Before you start the process, it’s best to consider the email address you are going to use for your new Voxxi account.

Signing up with a Free Email Domain v Your Email Domain

Using your own email domain ie. your business email or a personally owned domain email address, has advantages over using a free email account from providers like Yahoo or a Gmail.

Free Email

When using a free email service;

  • 5 seats
  • You can’t upgrade using a free email address.

Your Domain Email

When you use your business email, you get

  • 5 seats for users with the same domain name
  • 5 seats for users with domains that are not the same as your business email domain, this includes email addresses from free email service providers.
  • Ability to Upgrade and expand your account.

Who should be the super admin of the account?

When you create an account for a business, the first person that registers with a domain to create an account is the one and only super admin of the account for that organization. When concessive users with the same domain join, they are pulled into the main account.

Sign up

Voxxi Signup
Voxxi Sign up

Sign up with Google

If you have a Gmail or Google Apps business email account you can use the Google verification process to create an account. You will also be able to use it to sign in.

Sign up with your email

You don’t need to put in much information to create an account.

  • Email
  • First and last name
  • Password


Its 3 steps, let run through the steps.

Step 1

Choose one of the two options

Are you a business, a group, association or personal account,

Voxxi Onboarding Step 1
Voxxi Onboarding Step 1

Step 2

About your Organization or Group

  1. Organization/Group name – Note: you can change this later
  2. Industry – what industry is your Organization in, choose from the dropdown. Note: you can change this later
  3. Organization size – choose from the dropdown
  4. Upload your Logo – best size is 200px x 200px, if you do not upload a logo at this time, the Voxxi logo will be used and you can change it later
Voxxi Onboarding Step 2
Voxxi Onboarding Step 2

Step 3

Choose Your Category

This is different from Choose your Industry in step 2

Based on the category you choose, we add related Workspaces and Apps to you account.
You can edit or delete them and add others by going to the marketplace

Voxxi Onboarding Step 3
Voxxi Onboarding Step 3

What now?

You survived the 3 step onboarding, clicked the ‘All Done’ button and arrived at your home page.

Home Page

The home page shows you everything that is happening that you are involved with from creating a Workspace and Apps to changes and comments to any record you are associated with. It all appears on the home page wall.

Clicking in the ‘Whats on your mind’ box at the top of the middle column, you can create social or marketing posts that will be available to work mates or anyone that is following you.

Home Page

Getting around

Organizations are made up with Workspaces.


Your Organization will appear on the left side. If you’re invited into another organisation, their logo will appear here as well.
You can rearrange the order by grabbing the icon and moving it to the position you would like it to be.

Organizations menu on the left

When you click on an Organization logo the workspaces within it appear to the right


Workspaces menu on the right of the Organization

You can rearrange the order by grabbing the icon and moving it to the position you would like it to be.


A quick overview of this area

Header bar

Logo and home icon

Clicking the logo or the home icon from anywhere in the site will return you to the home page


Enter your criteria and press enter on your keyboard to see the results


To upgrade your account to a Plus or Pro account


Read, create and review additional tasks


Everything that has happened


Displays all the date related work that you are involved with for the whole Organization


Choose pre-built Workspaces to add to your Organization


Chat with connected users


The profile section contains your links to your email notifications, storage and calendar settings, personal and business profile and your saved workspaces.

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