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With Voxxi you can create unlimited community groups & collect both subscriptions and one time payment without paying a percentage per transaction
Compare how Voxxi stacks up

Keep 100% of your income

Build an audience with free groups and offer paid group options.

Charge one-time payments for community access or for specific content, like courses or groups.

Create a subscription-style membership, charge what you want and keep 100% of your income. 

Comparison list
Only Fans
  • Transaction Fees
    8 - 12%
    Each time you bill a subscriber
    Voxxi charges 0%
    Patreon charges 8 - 12%
    Only Fans charges 20%
  • Custom Branding

    Voxxi lets you use your Logo and Fav icon to brand your account. If you use Patreon or Only Fans you use their brand.

  • Custom Domain

    Voxxi lets you use your own domain or sub-domain, ie. and lets you brand it with no reference to Voxxi so you can  make it part of your brand

  • One on one chat

    Voxxi lets your users connect One on one to people in the groups they are part off.

  • Application builder

    Build custom applications in Voxxi for your business or use a template and change it

  • Webforms

    With Voxxi you can build custom webforms that pull into a CRM